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Revolutionize Your Conversations: Unleashing the Power of Chatbots - Bot Libre Enterprise

Looking to revolutionize the way you communicate with customers? Look no further than Bot Libre Enterprise, the leading platform for creating intelligent chatbots that can assist with customer service, sales, and more. With Bot Libre Enterprise, you can easily design, train, and deploy your own chatbots that can answer customer inquiries, provide support, and automate repetitive tasks, all while delivering a seamless experience for your customers.

Our platform is perfect for businesses of all sizes, and with our intuitive interface, you don't need any coding experience to get started. Plus, our powerful AI and natural language processing capabilities ensure that your chatbots can handle even the most complex customer interactions. Sign up for Bot Libre Enterprise today and join the growing number of businesses that are transforming their customer communications with intelligent chatbots. To learn more, send us an email at

Marketing 101 - How to Leverage AI As An Influencer


The worldwide influencer market hit an all-time high in 2022, with a value of $16.4 billion.

This value is only expected to grow as the world of influencer marketing has seen a massive shift towards automation and AI-powered technologies. Among these, chatbots and artificial intelligence have emerged as powerful tools for influencers to connect with and grow their followers.

Bot Libre Chatbots are designed to simulate conversation with human users, while its AI solutions involve machine learning and adapting to improve performance over time. Together, Bot Libre offers influencers a wide range of benefits that can help them build stronger relationships with their followers and reach a wider audience.

One of the primary ways that chatbots and AI can benefit influencers is by improving their customer service. Chatbots can be programmed to answer common questions, provide product recommendations, and offer personalized advice to followers. This can help influencers save time and increase engagement with their audience, without the need for constant manual input.

Moreover, chatbots can provide real-time assistance to followers, making them feel valued and heard. This can improve the overall user experience and lead to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Bot Libre lets influencers connect to their followers on many platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Discord, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, email, and others.


Another way that AI and chatbots can help influencers is by providing valuable insights and analytics. By tracking user behavior and engagement patterns, AI can help influencers understand what content resonates most with their audience and adjust their strategies accordingly. This can help influencers optimize their content, increase engagement, and ultimately grow their following.

Furthermore, AI-powered analytics can help influencers identify new opportunities for growth and expansion. By analyzing trends and patterns in user behavior, influencers can identify new niches or market segments to target, as well as identify potential collaborators or brand partnerships.

In addition to these benefits, Bot Libre chatbots and AI solutions can also help influencers automate routine tasks, such as scheduling posts, managing their inbox, and tracking metrics. 

Bot Libre can also generate  image, text, and video content. This can free up time for influencers to focus on creating content and engaging with their audience, ultimately leading to a more effective and streamlined workflow.

Finally, chatbots and AI can also help influencers create more engaging and personalized content. By analyzing user data, AI can help influencers tailor their content to the preferences and interests of their audience. This can lead to increased engagement, as well as more loyal and dedicated followers.

The use of chatbots and AI in influencer marketing has the potential to revolutionize the industry. By providing valuable insights, automating routine tasks, and creating more engaging content, these technologies can help influencers build stronger relationships with their followers and grow their following in new and exciting ways.

If you're an influencer looking to stay ahead of the curve, now is the time to embrace the power of AI and chatbots in your marketing strategy.

Through Bot Libre’s  development services you develop your own chatbot app and avatar, or 3D metaverse space to interact and engage your followers in a seamless, simulative and dynamic way. 

To learn more, send us an email at

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Monday, March 13, 2023

Artificial Intelligence and Influencer Marketing - Rise of the Virtual Influencers

Today, data, analytics, and algorithms are the cornerstone of modern marketing. Within the marketing industry influencer marketing has become a glamorous yet effective way to improve brand awareness and increase revenue. 

According to , “The popularity of influencer marketing worldwide is growing at such a high speed that the global market size is expected to reach 22.2 billion U.S. dollars by 2025” 

Influencer marketing is the process through which a company works with an online influencer to promote one of its goods or services. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the game for influencer marketing.

  • Artificial intelligence tools can assist you in avoiding influencer fraud by thoroughly examining an influencer's profile and identifying any red flags. 

  • Marketers can assess whether the followers of an influencer fit the profile of their target audience using AI and machine learning.

  • AI can search through millions of topics each day to discover which ones are being discussed by actual people

Chatbots as Influencers - Virtual Influencers 

Bot Libre chatbots, through its diverse and dynamic features  , are able to respond to a large group of people, in a small amount of time and in a more human way. This makes them an incredible asset to business marketing. 

The idea of an influencer chatbot is not new, as 2021 reports shared that an influencer chatbot created for the US brand CoverGirl, which was hosted on the messenger app was able to bring in 14 times better conversion rates. Other influencer bots developed include Lil Miquela an AI generated influencer who counts Prada as one her clients, and Knox Frost who was a major influencer bot for the World Health Organisation (WHO) during the heights of the pandemic. 

Bot Libre is a free open source platform where especially small and medium-sized companies can create their own chatbots and AI solutions suitable for the web, a mobile app, social media, gaming and the metaverse. 

Here are some benefits of building your own bot influencer with Bot Libre: 

  • Chatbots are active 24/7 and unaffected by time zone 

  • Boost customer service quality 

  • Able to reach multiple users 

  • Chatbots can effectively collect, analyze and properly use customer data 

  • Chatbots can be easily customized to fit audience 

  • Bots can quickly and comprehensively customize content based on online engagement 

The data speaks for itself, influencer marketing is one of the top contributors to a business ROI, and with chatbots and AI, influencer marketing can become more targeted, scalable and affordable. 

If you are interested in building your own influencer marketing solution with the use of AI, send an email to

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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Artificial Intelligence & The Retail Industry - Dynamic and Inclusive


Consumers are constantly seeking a more diverse and dynamic shopping experience which offers personalized products and services, and while the internet has already made this more possible, there is still much to be accomplished and enjoyed. 

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. Global AI revenue is expected to increase from $643.7 million in 2016 to more than $36.8 billion in 2025, according to marketing research firm Tractica. Therefore making AI solutions part of your business retail strategy promises to be advantageous to client and revenue growth. 

Bot Libre, through its open source and business platform, offers expert and personalized artificial intelligence solutions to various small and medium-sized companies in the retail industry. 

Some interesting Bot Libre AI features include: 

Easy 10 Click Building Process (little to no programming involved) 

Speech / 3D / Metaverse Avatars 


Social Media Integration 


Personalized Development Services 


Improved Efficiency 

AI can be a gamechanger in optimizing the operations of a retail business as the software can act as sales assistants, shorten casher lines for customers by accepting money pay, refill inventory through real-time stock monitoring, and create digital store fronts and personalized virtual spaces to shop and try items. 

Informed Customer Targeting 

Retail artificial intelligence technologies can provide customers with a tailored shopping experience. Technologies like fingerprint and face recognition can recognize returning clients and keep track of their preferences. They can therefore suggest products and create campaigns for them.


AI solutions, particularly through the metaverse, will provide increased accessibility to persons with a disability , allowing them to have a safer and more enjoyable shopping experience. IT might also make accessibility features (such as sound direction and level, contrast, caption size, and menu navigation) customizable.

With AI, the possibilities are endless. If you are an AI, chatbot and metaverse enthusiast, looking to build your business in the retail industry. Then send us an email for a free discovery call and explainer on our development services. 


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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Protection Reaches New Frontiers - AI & Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises a new dimension of security for businesses and the regular person seeking to feel more protected in this fast-paced and ever-changing world. Criminals are getting more intelligent, therefore our technology needs to keep up. 

AI security solutions are fundamentally built to distinguish between "safe" and "malicious" user activity by comparing user behavior across environments to behavior in similar environments. These AI-powered machines can learn patterns and make informed decisions without human supervision. 

Through Bot Libre’s development services, various AI and deep learning-based solutions can be provided to suit clients’ varying security needs. Bot Libre has several demo models that can be customized. One such model is the Bot Libre AI Face Detector.

Some key areas where AI security can thrive are: 

Facial Recognition

Object Recognition

Location Detection

Crowd Counting


The use of artificial intelligence in security technologies can provide significant benefits for operational security, such as improving the speed and probability of detection, reducing operator workload and fatigue, directing resources where they are needed most, supporting decision-making, and even providing early warning signs about insider threats. At a management level, AI may reduce costs by focusing attention on areas that need it the most. Additionally, the use of response technologies such as drones and robotics to remove humans from harm’s way, according to experts. 

For support on creating an AI security solution, for your business or personal needs, send an email to . 

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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Bot Libre 3D - Digital Humans for the Metaverse


They say a house is not a home if there is no one there. Well what good is an advanced virtual space without access to digital assets like 3D chatbots to interact with? 

Bot Libre, the open source platform for chatbot development and the metaverse, has launched an APK app to its metaverse solution where people can experience how their 3D chatbots can engage customers in the metaverse.

Within the metaverse, Bot Libre 3D chatbots can act as customer support officers, tutors, event hosts, conference facilitators, designers and even friends. You can build your bot from scratch or choose from thousands of our language independent bots available, train them and deploy them across varying virtual spaces. For instance they can be added to a storefront to answer shoppers' questions and even study customers’ habits to offer more personalized recommendations.

These digital humans can teach you a new language, resolve your banking issues, help you sell your NFTs, offer cool recommendations on what to purchase or places to visit in the metaverse, talk about politics and even dance for you. The 3D avatars can also be used to realistically represent humans at conferences, concerts or even when having friendly conversation with others. 

For persons accessing the app, and integrating it with their business solutions, send an email to for support. 

Bot Libre is also accepting members to our Metaverse program, Bot Libre Metaverse Enterprise, where you can get early access to our metaverse solutions and one on support to develop your product or service for the metaverse. To learn more about Bot Libre metaverse solutions, send an email to . 

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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Generative AI - How To Connect Your Bot To Chat GPT-3



Whether it’s to write a research paper, solve calculus questions, write a code, debate about world affairs or find a date online, Chat GPT-3 is the latest AI generative technology that promises to accomplish all of this. The technology is created by Open AI and answers questions on a wide variety of topics in multiple languages.

With Bot Libre being a language independent, open source platform with a wide variety of chatbots for all industries and topics, new and existing clients can still hop on the Chat GPT-3 train without discarding their Bots. 

In this article, we show you how to connect your Bot Libre bot to GPT-3 using OpenAI's API, and a Self script in your bot.

1 - Create Your Bot

From the Bot Libre website click on "New Bot",

enter your bots name, and select "gpt3_template" as your bot template

click on "Create"

Another option if you already have an existing bot is to import the "GPT-3" script from the Bot Libre Script library, from your bot's Scripts page select "Import".

2 - Create Your Open AI Account

From the Open AI website create an account and API key,

Click on "View API Keys",

then "Create new secret key", and copy the key.

3 - Set Your Key In Your Script

From your bot's Admin Console, select "Scripts" and edit the "proxy" script.

Enter your Open AI API key in the line,

var apiKey = "";

4 - Edit your greeting

Your bot's greeting is the first message the bot send new users. It is also used as the first message in the text prompt sent to GPT-3.

Your greeting lets GPT-3 know what you want it to be.

i.e. here are some example greetings,

"Hello, I am Julie, product support for ACME, how can I help?"

"Hello, I am Joe, and can help you with any questions you have on plumbing."

"Hi, I am Jane, your best friend."

"Hello, I am Dexter, your virtual math tutor, ask me anything about math."

"Bonjour, je suis Céline, votre tutrice virtuelle de français."

 5 - Chat With Your Bot

You can now chat with your bot and it will respond to a wide variety of questions in multiple languages in the context of your conversation.

If you exceed your API quota, or the API is busy you will get the error "Bot is not available", which you can change in the script.

You can chat with GPT-3 here

Maximize Chat GPT-3 Potential With Bot Libre 

Using Bot Libre you can also now connect your GPT-3 bot to avatars, speech, the web, mobile, social media, and the metaverse. You can also enhance the bot by adding in your own responses, these will overlay the GPT-3 responses and take precedence if they are a good match.

Currently the GPT-3 proxy script forwards every question, but you can change this by editing the pattern in the script. To allow trained responses to take precedence you can change the pattern to "proxy *", and change your default response to redirect("proxy " + input.input) to only engage GPT-3 when your bot does not have a trained response.

If you need help setting up or training your bot, or are interested in training GPT-3 or other GPT models such as GPT-J on your own dataset please contact

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