Wednesday, July 27, 2022

How Chatbots Can Make Your Business’s Apps Better

The popularity of chatbots and mobile apps is undeniable. This is evidenced by extensive data describing how much they are used and how the market is expected to benefit. 

For example, 2020 data from Statista shows that apps have reached over 3 million downloads for Android and over 2 million for iOS apps. Moreover, 2021 market share projections predict that 59% of global revenue will come from mobile phones. Meanwhile, 2016 reports show that the market for chatbots was estimated to be worth a little over USD 190 million. By 2025, it is expected to increase by nearly 24% to a value of USD 1.25 billion. 

With this in mind, marrying chatbots to mobile apps is like a match made in (business) heaven. Here are a few ways chatbots can make your business app better. 


Excellent Customer Service 
Chatbots, especially those powered by artificial intelligence, are efficient tools capable of responding 24/7 to customer queries, thereby reducing client wait time and increasing the likelihood of sales.

Customized Experience 
Based on intent and app behavior, a chatbot can make highly personalized product recommendations and make choices that usually suit the settings and needs of the user, thus creating a personalized journey for each client. 

Strengthens Marketing Efforts 
With the use of chatbots in mobile apps, businesses may gather a wealth of demographic and engagement data that can be utilized to improve each customer's experience and support wider business marketing strategies. 

Enhanced Onboarding 
A significant percentage of consumers never use an app again after the first time, according to numerous research. Why? A lack of clarity on what the app contains and how to use it. An intelligent chatbot can be particularly helpful in these situations by interacting with the user from the onset. Users can be guided by a chatbot through all app features, significantly reducing the chance of misunderstanding. 

Use Cases 

Many industries have already recognized the benefits of using chatbots in their mobile apps. Some of which include: 

Companies like Bank of America and PayPal have integrated chatbots in their applications to engage with customers via text and sound about questions, investment opportunities, payment tracking, and other financial matters. 

Chatbots provide critical and possibly lifesaving advice in a fraction of the time one would probably have to wait to see a doctor. These types of apps are not meant to replace doctors but to support an already overwhelmed system. Medical bots can provide interim health guidance. A virtual radiologist bot was developed by radiologist experts at the University of California (UCLA) that can assist patients and those looking for care by providing insightful answers to their concerns. The AI-based bot can give the doctor clinical patient data and can give the patient a thorough treatment plan. Bot Libre's parent company Paphus Solutions has developed several medical, first aid, and health and fitness chatbot apps for their clients across North America, Europe, and Asia using the Bot Libre platform. 

Stores like eBay and Whole Foods have created apps that have intelligent chatbots that help customers browse products, and in the case of eBay, act as personal shopping assistants offering suggestions based on uploaded pictures. Chatbots in the retail industry has become increasingly popular. A study showed that 70% of millennials and Gen Z were willing to use chatbots to make purchases of consumer products from applications. 

As learning is no longer defined by the four walls of a classroom, virtual educational tools have increased in popularity. Bot Libre’s English Tutor app includes an intelligent chatbot that teaches English through regular conversation, offering a wide range of topics for the user to choose from. The app offers 24.7 learning availability, provides new and exciting learning techniques, creates a marketplace for English teachers, and is Self-paced. Another example comes from Duolingo. Through their app, users can practice their chosen language with a bot that develops in intelligence as more people use them. 

With open source platforms like Bot Libre, people can build their own chatbots with little to no programming and attach to their mobile apps using the open source Bot Libre mobile SDK and web API. 

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