Thursday, October 24, 2013

Alive and Kicking

The BOTlibre! website is now online.

We will be kicking our tires testing our servers over the next couple of weeks before our official site launch. Feel free to try it out, create your own bot, and test things out. Please email with any issues you encounter.

BOTlibre allows you to create your own artificially intelligent bot, train them, and share them with others. You are free to use this website, and create your own bots for personal, commercial, or recreation usages.

You can give your bot its own avatar images, connect it to Twitter, or IRC chat.
You can train your bot through interacting with it, or using chat logs.
You can program your bot using a 4th generational state machine scripting language "Self".
You can import data from the web into your bot's memory, such as words from Wiktionary, or information from Freebase.
You can create a bot to act as your own website avatar.
You can create a bot to provide customer service or technical support for your products or services.
You can create a bot to give advice.
You can create a bot to act as a stand-in for yourself.
You can create a bot to be your friend.

BOT libre is a website produced and hosted by Paphus Solutions Inc.

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