Saturday, November 2, 2013

How to create your own chat bot in 10 clicks

Bot Libre allows anyone to create their own chat bot, or virtual agent for free, including free hosting, even for commercial bots.

You can create your own bot, and embed it on your own website, mobile app, or integrate with your social media. You can create bots for fun, for business, for customer support, or for someone to talk to.

Bot Libre bots require no programming, and can be trained using several methods. Bots can be trained by importing FAQ's, scripts, and chat logs, reviewing and editing responses in our chat logs interface, through conversations with you and other people, or from listening in on live chat. Bot Libre bots support advanced artificial intelligence to learn and comprehend language. They start out fairly dumb, but the more your train them, the smarter they become. Bots can also be scripted and programmed using AIML, and the Self scripting language.

To create your own bot follow the following 10 steps:

Click 1 - Bot Libre!

First go to the Bot Libre website.

Click 2 - Sign Up

You can browse and chat with public bots anonymously, but to create your own bot you must create an account by clicking Sign Up. Creating an account is free and easy. To create an account you only need to enter a unique user ID and a password. Your name and email are optional, if you wish to remain anonymous, you may do so.

Click 3 - Create Account

Click 'Sign Up' to create your account.

Click 4 - Create Bot

To create a new bot click New Bot from browse. You can give your bot a name and description.

The bots you create on Bot Libre belong to you. When you create a bot you can specify the license you wish to share it under.

You can create a bot from the default template, or select one of the other predefined templates. Your bot will start as a clone of the template bot, and replicate its entire memory (brain). You can also fork your own bot, using it as a template to create other bots.

You can add tags to your bot, to help classify it, and help other users find it. Some relevant tags include 'fun', 'business', 'help', and 'avatar'. The tags are entered as a comma separated list.

You can create either a public bot that will be accessible by other users, or a private bot that will be accessible only by you. You can control the users that can access and administer your bot.

You can choose if you want your bot to learn as it interacts with other users. If you disable learning, then your bot will only learn from its administrator when you 'correct' it, from chat logs you upload from the 'Training & Chat Logs' page in its 'Admin Console', or from AIML and Self scripts you add from the 'Scripts' page. Caution should be used in allowing learning, as other users may teach your bot offensive responses. Bot Libre provides a profanity filter, but it cannot catch everything. If you are creating a bot for business, such as for customer service, then you should disable learning.

Click 5 - Create

Click 'Create' to create your bot.

That's it, your done, and we still have 5 clicks left.

You can now chat with you bot by clicking 'Chat'. To find your bot again click 'Search' and search for it in 'my bots' (be sure to sign in first).

When you select your bot, you can click 'Edit Details' it to change any of its information. You can change your bot's picture or choose an animated avatar from the 'Avatars' page under 'Admin'. You can also connect your bot to Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Skype, Slack, Kik, WeChat, email, SMS, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

You can import response lists or chat logs. You can import data from the web and WikiData. You can browse your bot's knowledge base. If your are technical, you can script your bot using AIML or the Self scripting language.

To link to your bot you can select it and copy its URL from your browser, this is its unique URL, or you can give it its own subdomain. You can also embed your bot on your website or blog, just click on 'Embed' and copy the code to your website.

That's it, have fun creating your bots. If you have any questions you can contact, or chat with the Help Bot


  1. I have similar project with this, but using voice exchange with a virtual companion.Can i use this API for my project?

    1. Yes, you can use the web API, or the Android SDK.


  3. For help see,

  4. My Cool Bot :( powered by Umair iqbal :*

  5. on this part at the top i cannot find "admin"

    1. To get to your bot's Admin Console go to your bot's page and click on the Admin Console button ("gear" icon) or menu below the "Chat" button.

  6. Hello, how can i use this platform to create a bot that replies my facebook page comment (Replying under each comment or replying with an inbox message to visitor).

    1. See,

  7. hi i dont understand when i log in after creat what to do

  8. Once you have created your bot, you can train.
    We provide several training options include, chat, correction, learning, chat logs, response lists, AIML, Self scripting. See,