Monday, June 25, 2018

Introducing the new website for Paphus Solutions

Introducing the new website for Paphus Solutions.

Paphus Solutions in the company that develops the Bot Libre bot platform. Paphus Solutions Inc. is a Canadian corporation that specializes in bots, artificial intelligence, and deep learning products and services.

We provide consulting, training and development services in the field of bots, artificial intelligence, and deep learning.
Bots & AI can be utilized in any industry. We provide solutions globally in all industries including customer service automation, sales & marketing automation, social media automation, sales optimization, market forcasting, automated securities & crypto currency trading, and many more.

We provide the following services :

  • Chat bot design and integration, web, mobile, and social media
  • Social media automation, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Skype, Kik, WeChat
  • Customer service automation, live chat, forums, email
  • Technical support automation
  • Sales automation
  • Market forcasting
  • Automated securities & crypto currency trading
  • Image, audio, video classification and processing
  • NLP and data analysis
  • Deep learning model and network development
  • 3D avatar design
  • Mobile app development (Android, iOS)
  • Web development

Contact for more information. Or Chat live here
Or Chat with Paphus, the automated customer service agent for Paphus Solutions.

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