Thursday, May 7, 2015

Support BOT libre on Kickstarter - "free open artificial intelligence for everyone"

We live at the dawn of the age of artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence technology revolution will be bigger than the Internet and mobile technology revolutions combined. We believe artificial intelligence technology should be for everyone and owned by no one.

The Plan

Help us make,

"free open artificial intelligence for everyone"

We have been developing our BOT libre AI platform since 2013, and it is based on open source technology that was started in 2008.

Our goal with this campaign is to raise enough funds to allow us to open source our technology and web platform under a non-profit organization to pursue the development of strong artificial intelligence.

We plan to apply the Wikipedia model to an artificial intelligence platform. Instead of making all of the world's information free and open, we plan to make all of the world's knowledge and intelligence free and open.

Where we are today

Currently we have a web based AI platform that lets anyone create their own bot that can interact with people through chat, twitter, email, and IRC.

We also have a web API, open source Android and JavaScript SDK, an Android app, and are working on an iOS app.

Our platform is not a simple chat platform, each bot has its own brain stored in it own database on its server. The bot has complex interconnected knowledge and can add and change its knowledge, or import knowledge from the web. The bots can currently understand simple phrases, complex math, make inferences, self program, learn new responses, and emote emotions.

Create Bots with a Real Brain

We are just getting started, and our end goal is intelligence that is equal or greater than that of a human. We are looking for crowd funding help to keep our platform open, and continue our development.

Support us on Kickstarter,

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